Mobile Money: The OTC and Agent Dilemma

Mar 31, 2016
In Pakistan, there are two primary transaction channels in the branchless banking sector: mobile wallets, and over-the-counter (OTC). In contrast to the mobile wallet platform where customers execute all transactions on their mobile phones themselves, the OTC model is facilitated by an agent. This channel is a convenient and reliable.

Experimenting with a Mobile Wallet on a Low-Cost Smartphone

Mar 21, 2016
There has been a steady rise in the promotion of mobile wallets as a viable alternative to conventional banking services.This innovative channel, MNOs seek to streamline the banking process and increase financial outreach to the wider population.

Digital Credit: A Case for Pakistan

Mar 10, 2016
M-Shwari, the first digital credit and savings account service of its kind, was launched in Kenya in 2012, and has since gained tremendous popularity, prompting numerous similar deployments to emerge worldwide.

Advancing Financial Inclusion through Innovative E-Commerce

Mar 7, 2016
With foundations well in place for digital commerce to flourish in Pakistan, it is only a matter of time before e-commerce takes the Pakistani consumer market by storm.

Lessons When Embarking on the Road Towards Universal Financial Inclusion

Feb 24, 2016
According to the Global Microscope 2015, Pakistan currently has one of the top five most enabling financial inclusion environments in the world. In the coming months it will be interesting to see how this environment impacts the nation’s financial inclusion progress.

Unlocking the Potential of Two-Way Messaging

Feb 18, 2016
Two-way digital conversations can be used to migrate mobile money customers from OTC to mobile wallets and keep them active once migrated. In two-way conversations, customers can both initiate the conversation or be led in conversation. Juntos Global builds these two-way conversations with customers on behalf of financial service providers.


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