Takeaways from Pakistan’s Access to Finance Survey 2015

Feb 11, 2016
According to the Access to Finance Survey 2015, access and usage of financial services has markedly increased in Pakistan since 2008. The recently released survey was commissioned by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Effectively Communicating with the Unbanked

Feb 3, 2016
The process of graduating from an unaware potential customer to a fully aware and regular user of mobile wallets is not necessarily a simple and linear one. It is important that targeted, customer segment specific, communication takes place at every stage of awareness to help individuals.

Making Mobile Money Accessible in Pakistan

Jan 25, 2016
Mobile wallets could have a revolutionary impact on financial inclusion in Pakistan. While 8.7% of adult Pakistanis reported having an account registered at a financial institution, approximately 48% of financially excluded adults reported owning a mobile phone. This means that the mobile channel holds great potential when it comes to financial outreach.

Smarter Wallets, Engaged Customers

Jan 21, 2016
With increasing competition in the branchless banking OTC (over the counter) business, this segment has become highly commission intensive, leading to diminishing margins for MFS (mobile financial services) providers. This reality has pushed mobile money providers to focus on mobile wallets as an alternate service delivery channel.

Mobile Wallet Registration: One Customer’s Experience

Jan 12, 2016
In order to achieve the 50% financial inclusion goal that has been set by the State Bank of Pakistan, Karandaaz Pakistan believes that leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones to increase mobile wallet uptake is critical. There are 124 million registered mobile SIMS in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Is Mobile Money a Viable Alternative to Banking?

Jan 7, 2016
In a world where 2 billion adults lack access to formal financial services, Pakistan is no exception. The 2014 Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) survey estimates that 93% of Pakistani adults are financially excluded as only 7% of the respondents reported to having a bank account.


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