Busting the Myths on Pakistan’s 50 Million “Unreachable” Women

Jul 11, 2017
When you ask financial service providers in Pakistan about reaching women customers, you mostly hear about the many challenges. They cite women’s restricted mobility, low levels of literacy, unfamiliarity with technology, and lack of need for financial services.

Regulatory Sandbox – A need of the hour in Pakistan

Jun 9, 2017
Financial Technology firms, referred to as ‘FinTechs’ are revolutionizing the financial industry all over the world.

Importance of digital transformation of conventional players in the financial inclusion landscape of Pakistan

May 31, 2017
In Pakistan formal financial services are traditionally being provided by banks and other financial institutions mandated by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Catalysing Women Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion in Pakistan

May 18, 2017
Gender disparity in Pakistan exists at various levels despite not being present in the population divide. The Global Gender Gap Report of 2016 ranks Pakistan at 143 (out of 144) in the world in terms of economic participation and opportunities for women.

The Need for a Changing Regulatory Landscape for Digital Financial Services

Apr 22, 2017
GSMA’s recent report titled ‘The Mobile Economy’ for 2017 has undertaken a comprehensive scan of the global telecommunications landscape. Given the direct impact of telecommunications on digital financial services (DFS), increase in mobile subscribers presents a growing opportunity for increasing the footprint of DFS.

How Social Norms Affect Women’s Financial Inclusion

Mar 31, 2017
Social norms influence nearly every aspect of daily life, including how we interact with financial services. Restrictive social norms are part of the reason why 42 percent of women and girls worldwide, approximately 1.1 billion, do not participate in the formal financial system.


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