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Facility with ORIX Leasing Pakistan targeting Small Business Financing

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Committed Investment: GBP 4.5 Million
Karandaaz Pakistan, is providing a loan of PKR 700 million (GBP 4.5 million) to ORIX Leasing Pakistan to increase access to finance for small enterprises. ORIX will use this facility to on-lend to small businesses and grow the share of loans to small enterprises in its portfolio.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are vital to economic and social progress.  According to the State Bank, SMEs contribute 30 percent to Pakistan’s GDP, driving  economic growth and job creation. Karandaaz is committed to enhancing access to finance for SMEs and this agreement with ORIX will contribute to achieving this target. This loan facility from Karandaaz will benefit over 160 small businesses, creating approximately 850 new jobs, and increasing revenue for the partner businesses by PKR 4.4 billion.

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