Additional Clarity On RFP # 83 Enterprise Resource Planning System for Karandaaz Pakistan

Report to: Chief Digital Officer.
Location: Islamabad.

Dear Concerned

In order to facilitate all prospective bidders, Karandaaz is issuing below further clarification on the Loan Management for simplicity purpose;

  1. Loan Management – Loan Management should cover all aspects from disbursement to tracking based on tenor, maturity, outstanding amount, rate of return, days past due (30,60,90-day alert triggers).This will be reflected in an account management module as account receivables incorporating the above variables. Some degree of customization will be expected as far as loan portfolio classification is concerned.
  2. The functionalities and process details which will be utilized through generation of loan schedule and alerts.

Triggers for days past due to Risk Participation (30, 60, 90 days), industry risk-based triggers, watchlist account triggers, NPL triggers. These will be linked to either the Partner Financial Institution or to internal risk management processes

  1. 26 data elements listed against a query (For reference list starting with MIS DATE and ENTITY TITLE and ending with PROVISION AMOUNT and COLLATERAL TYPE)

Clarification is as follows:

– This requirement is NOT for a Loan Management/Origination System/s as used in some banks

– This requirement is about having functionality/capability within the ERP for setting up and maintaining records for every funding Karandaaz provides to banking partners for injecting in to the target market segment

– For every such arrangement with a banking partner, there is regular reporting received from the partner (Monthly or every 45 days) mostly in non-standardized excel format

– Relevant team within Karandaaz utilizes those report/s and applies rules/formulas/triggers to identify patterns/alarms/opportunities etc and also for general tracking of arrangement lifecycle as per agreed T&Cs

– The most critical data elements for Karandaaz are already provided in the repsonse to queries (26 fields at this stage)

– Karandaaz wants to get in to a position where the reporting can be standardized post ERP implementation and all partners can be requested to submit reports on the same pattern and covering the same data elements

– Karandaaz may or may not decide to grant access to partners for uploading data therefore capability to upload csv/excel in to the ERP must be available

– Capability/functionality to create rules/triggers must be available along with custom reporting leveraging the data available.

Kindly note that there will be no further extension will be given on bid submission date.


The Procurement Department.

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