Request for Proposals – In house resource for design requirements

Report to: Director KMC
Location: Islamabad

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Please share your quotations for the following TORs:

Karandaaz is looking to have an in-house resource for all its design requirements from an advertising agency through a long-term SLA.

  • Scope of Work/Term of Reference
# Activity Description   Cost Per Month
01 The advertising agency in the proposal must furnish a CV along with printed and/or online portfolios for an individual, hereto referred as “Graphics Designer (GD)”, to work as a dedicated design resource for Karandaaz during the life of the contract along with cost to be invoiced per month. The work must be reflective of a spectrum of work done by the individual.


Karandaaz team will make a choice after reviewing the proposed GD’s credentials and portfolio and the cost that the agency presents. Agency may propose an existing resource but must establish his/her CV along with credentials and portfolio. That existing resource will exclusively be dedicated to the Karandaaz account for 24 hours (3 days) in a week in case of acceptance.


The successful agency will be responsible to appoint the desired GD as dedicated resource. The agency will be responsible for keeping record of the time sheet of the designer (24 hours a week at Karandaaz office – any three days of the week as per an understanding with Karandaaz) and all HR and Admin related responsibility for this resource will rest with the agency including the processing of salary, applicable taxes, health and life insurance etc.


In case Karandaaz is not satisfied with the performance of the GD or the individual decides to leave or take time off (holidays), the agency will again establish a CV for Karandaaz to select from (in case of long term departure) and quickly bring the replacement on board without any break in the available design support for Karandaaz – or will send in a substitute for the resource (in case of short term holidays or emergency holidays such as sick leave, casual leave, or annual leave).


The agency will be responsible for providing the GD with all hardware and software support and provide a dedicated desktop or laptop with all required software such as Photoshop, coral draw, inpage, light room etc. for the resource to do all/any design related work for Karandaaz at Karandaaz office.


The GD will be housed at the Karandaaz office for three days a week – for 8 hours a day. Karandaaz will have all perpetual copyrights to all design material produced under such activities and all source files will also be handed over to Karandaaz at the end of the contract or as and when required.

  1. Vendor Requirements (including explanations) – Specification of the company/equipment


  1. Pre-qualification Requirements
  • An office of the agency must be based in Islamabad.
  • Technical Score (80 marks)
    Detailed, up to date CV of the designer.                                                                                                                           (20 marks)
  • Printed Portfolio and/or links to the online portfolio                                                                                                          (20 marks)
  • Any other material that demonstrates the capacity and competency of the proposed designer                                      (20 marks)
  • Details of the equipment and software that will be provided to the GD by the agency                                                    (20 marks)


  • Any offeror securing below 50 in the technical evaluation will not be considered for financial evaluation and eventual award.
  1.       Financial Score: 20 marks
  • Monthly cost in the proposal for this resource and the advertising agency’s management fee

Ongoing GD/Agency Evaluation once contract has been signed.

Client will evaluate the performance of GD on an ongoing basis and will have the right to withhold payment of the advertising agency if the performance by the provided resource is not as per agreed criteria.


Please share your proposals by COB Friday 15th MArch 2019. Please make sure your proposals are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Please share your technical and financial proposals  at .



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