Request for Quotation- Architectural Services for Karandaaz Office

Report to: Administration Manager
Location: Islamabad

Dear Concerned

Please share your quotations for the following services:

  • Architect professional fee for office designs
  • BOQ charges
  • Architect supervision visits estimated at 20 during the renovation work of the office. Please share your quote for a per fee visit.

You can visit the site for an inspection on 04th April 2019 between 11 AM and 4 PM. The address is at 1-E Ali plaza, Nazimuddin Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Mezzanine Floor.

Contact Person: Mushtaq Ahmad

Please share your quotations for the following services by COB Monday 08th April 2019. Please make sure that your quotations are inclusive of all applicable taxes and out of pocket expenses.

Please share your quotations at



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