Request For Quotation for Probity Assurer Services

Report to: Director DFS
Location: Islamabad

  1. Project Background

Karandaaz, in coordination with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is developing a Micro Payments Gateway (MPG) as a key element of a public good oriented National Payments Infrastructure (NPI) that provides low cost, open loop, push-based payment capabilities nationally. MPG is expected to adhere closely to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Level One Project (



  1. Identification of Need Analysis

An independent third party that provides specialist probity services for concurrent monitoring of the Procurement Process. Karandaaz intend to engage independent consultant to monitor RFP 51-A financial bid opening process and at the negotiation stage as per below scope.



  1. Scope of Work/Term of Reference

Probity Assurance Provider shall be present during financial proposal opening and negotiation stages of the RFP-51 A Procurement Process, including: financial bid opening, and negotiations, as required by Karandaaz Pakistan.

Financial Bid Opening & Financial negotiations; Both Financial Bid opening and financial negotiations shall take place in the presence of a Probity Assurance Provider. When Negotiations are undertaken, they shall be held in the presence of a Probity Assurance Provider and as when required by Karandaaz Pakistan.

Probity Report: The Probity Assurance provider shall prepare a probity report on all stages of procurement and or as required by Karandaaz Pakistan.


Tentative time schedule: 1st April, 2019 till 17th May 2019 as required



  1. Proposed Subcontract Type

Selection Method: Least Cost selection (Per Hour)


Please share your Quotations Inclusive of all taxes and Out of Pocket expenses by Noon 28th March 2019. 



The Procurement Department. 

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