Narrowing the gender gap through Digital interventions

Dec 8, 2020
With a vision statement of “financially included, economically empowered Pakistanis” Karandaaz Pakistan, through all of its four verticals i.e., Capital, Digital, Innovation and Research; is working to develop and promote an all-inclusive and a conducive financial environment and accords great importance to equal provision of financial services to women.

The Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge

Aug 28, 2018
Karandaaz has taken a unique step in transforming the lives of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, since only 22.4% women are employed in Pakistan.

Women-Owned SMEs: A Vital Engine of Growth

Jul 28, 2016
According to a growing body of evidence, increased female participation in the economy, particularly via women-owned small and medium enterprises has positive effects on economic growth and wider developmental goals and priorities. Despite such mounting evidence, we find that women-owned SMEs and female entrepreneurs face barriers and constraints that severely restrict their growth potential.

Using Digital Financial Services to Bridge the Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion

Apr 12, 2016
Despite encouraging advancements in the number of first time bank account holders, a startling gender gap persists in financial inclusion as a result of a variety of barriers to access across the developing world.
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