The Design Toolkit intends to help Mobile Money service providers in Pakistan to design user interface with a human-centered design approach that can improve the overall user experience

Who is it for?

This design toolkit can help all the players in the mobile money industry of Pakistan who are interested in learning design principles while taking an HCD approach for designing their smartphone user interface that can help them target multiple segments of the market, including low income and less literate segments.

Why a Smartphone App?

With the increasing ubiquity of smartphones among the masses, there is now the opportunity to develop a viable and scalable alternative delivery channel. In Pakistan, smartphone penetration currently stands at 31%, with a further surge expected given the increasing availability of low cost smartphones and improved data services. Keeping these factors in mind, the mobile financial services (MFS) industry in Pakistan is poised to explore smartphone application as an alternate delivery channel.

Why Human-Centered Design?

A well-designed user interface will enable providers to better serve existing customers by providing more advanced services and improved user experience, with the added possibility of expansion into new market segments by designing apps that take into account the challenges of the less literate.

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