Karandaaz Design Thinking as a Service Programme

About the Programme

Karandaaz Design Thinking as a Service Program is to support digital financial service (DFS) players who offer their services through mobile and web based platforms. Given the potential for greater financial inclusion through mobile financial services, Karandaaz Pakistan has been supporting the industry to address the challenge of banking the unbanked through number of interventions. Use of design thinking methodology in developing products and services results in better customer experience which is a critical factor in the uptake of digital financial services.


The objective of this programme is to support the DFS industry by promoting the use of human-centered design approach in developing or improving the designs for their products and services. Karandaaz intends to work with players who are working to provide a seamless customer experience of digital financial services.

How it works?

Clients from the industry may apply through the simple application form provided on this page. Karandaaz team will conduct its due diligence based on the scope of work defined by the client. Once done, the requirement will be shared with the panel of vendors that are pre-selected by Karandaaz. The vendors will bid on the job and the lowest bid will be awarded the contract. The client will be eligible to receive a support from Karandaaz for up to 50% or PKR 5 lac, whichever is lower, of the cost bid by the vendor.

Services Offered

Thematic Areas

DFS providers, FinTechs, startups who are operating in the following areas and have mobile or web based platform for customer interaction are eligible to apply:

Eligibility Criteria

  • The client should have or intend to develop a mobile or web based platform of their product or service.
  • The client must be operating in the DFS industry.

Available Vendors

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Frequently Asked Question

It is a subsidized programme offered to the emerging DFS providers, startups, FinTechs who are offer digital financial services through mobile or web platform. The purpose of this programme is to inculcate the use of design thinking approach in the platform and improve the customer experience to encourage greater uptake of digital financial services.

Applicants may apply on this website with their requirements. These requirements entail, product/service description, design changes, budget etc.

These services will entail:

  1. Design Research
  2. User Experience Design
  3. Usability Audit
  4. Product and Service Design

No, this is not a funding programme.

No. These services are to be availed only from Karandaaz’s panel of deign thinking firms if the subsidy is to be availed.

Karandaaz team will be in touch with the respective client to understand the scope of work and conduct a due diligence of the requirement to clearly establish a need. Once done, the scope of work will be shared with the panel of vendors and lowest bid will be awarded the work. The client will then be asked to enter into a service agreement with the vendor.

Each client can avail a subsidy of up to 50% of the cost or PKR 5 lac, whichever is lower.

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