Increase engagement of your digital products and services through Human Centered Design

All the banks and fintechs at Pakistan with a problem to be solved for increased uptake of their financial products and services


You are especially encouraged to apply if you are passionate about women financial inclusion and want to  increase your product engagement through female focused experience design of your financial products and services.

Exclusive Category
Women Centric Solutions 

Boost your Chances
to Qualify

Who Can Apply

Entities focused on Women Centric Problems

If you are solving women centric problems and your solution relies on use of any form of financial services for your core product.

Matching Grant of Upto
PKR 1 Million


If you have any business/customer problems in following areas related to financial services' that needs to be solved for greater impact then apply away!

Other Entities 

If you are not a fintech or a bank but you are leveraging financial services to deliver your core product offerings

Product Design

Process Design

User Research



Who Can Apply?

Experience Design

Why You Should Apply?

Do you want to solve experience design problems for your users?

This grant helps you solve UI/UX design problems that affect engagement of your financial products and services

Are you tackling a critical problem in financial services domain?

This program helps you solve problems impacting your business KPIs and customers through human centered design

Do you want the best design agencies to work on solving your problem?

We connect you with the  best design agencies at Pakistan who would work with you to solve experience design problems

You have higher chances to qualify for the grant if you are working on women focused problems directly or indirectly linked to financial inclusion

Category A Women Focused

If you are working for any target segment to solve problems for your internal or external customers or  retailers in FS or non FS space leveraging on financial services

Category B Generic


All entities directly or indirectly linked to financial services and passionate about solving products and processes problems for different customer segments in various areas.





Account / Wallet Opening

Asset Management

E-Commerce Payments


  • Fintechs/Banks/DFS players
  • Other entities leveraging financial services

Account Authentication

How it Works

We evaluate and pick the top applicants from pool of applications

The selected applicants share the requirements with our panel of design agencies

The design agencies bid on the assignment and quote the cost

We select the design agency based on cost and quality evaluation score

The selected design agency closely works with you on your design project

Karandaaz would bear 50% of the total project cost as quoted by the design agency. The grant contribution cap is PKR 1 Million. The partner may contribute more based on the project scope and total cost.

Services Offered

How experience design reduced
acquisition cost by 40%

A Design Case Study of Pakistan Financial Management Firm

Hysab Kytab partnered with our panel design firm to determine the impact of design and experience interventions in their App. Read the complete case study here

Our Partner Design Agencies

About Karandaaz Design Thinking as a Service Program

Karandaaz Design Thinking as a Service Program was launched to promote the importance of human centered design to drive financial inclusion and at the same time, support the financial services industry players to better design their financial products and services according to the needs of their target personas.

What is Human Centered Design Approach


It is a subsidized programme offered to the emerging DFSPs, Startups, Fintechs who are offering digital financial services through mobile or web platform. The purpose of this programme is to inculcate the use of Design thinking approach in the platform and improve the customer experience for the uptake of digital financial services.

Applicants may apply on this website with their requirements. These requirements entail, product/service description, design changes, budget etc.

These services will entail:

  1. Design Research
  2. User Experience Design
  3. Usability Audit
  4. Product and Service Design

No, this is not a funding programme.

No. These services are to be availed only from Karandaaz Panel of Design Thinking firms if the subsidy is to be availed.

Karandaaz committee would evaluate all the applicants and would select the top qualified applicants. Karandaaz would convene an hour-long scoping session of the selected applicants individually with the design firms. The design firms would bid on the assignment detailing the methodology they would use and the cost. Karandaaz team will perform bid evaluation based on an internal selection criterion. The selected applicant would enter into a bilateral service agreement with the selected design firm and karandaaz would monitor the arrangement. The selected design firm would work with the applicant to bring the project to completion.

Each client can avail a subsidy of up to 50% of the project cost quoted by the design firm or PKR 1 Million, whichever is lower.

This is a matching grant program, which means that the applicant and karandaaz would contribute 50/50 to the total project cost. The grant contribution cap is PKR 1 Million however the applicant may contribute more than 1 Million to meet the total project cost quoted by the design firm.

The applications are received on a rolling basis.

The grant amount for this application round has been doubled as compared to the previous round.

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