Promoting Commitment to Greater Transparency

Procurement procedures at Karandaaz Pakistan are of the highest standards and principles, as practiced by reputed organizations throughout the world. The procurement function supports the activities of the organization by avoiding waste of resources, producing the most appropriate/economical solution at all times, and safeguarding the interest of the organization. All procurement carried out by Karandaaz Pakistan fosters competition in all procurement processes and is guided by the following key principles:

  • Highest value for money principle in the procurement process means selection of the offer which presents the optimum combination of factors such as appropriate quality, life-cycle costs and other parameters to best meet defined needs.
  • Fairness implies being reasonable as well as impartial and treating all suppliers/contractors in the same way.
  • Integrity relates to aspects of personal and institutional behavior including qualities such as honesty, truthfulness, impartiality, and incorruptibility.
  • Transparency is the unimpeded visibility and openness in all procurements ensuring that all procurements are conducted in transparent and efficient manner.
  • Confidentiality is ensured to avoid conflict of interest
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RFP # 83 – Enterprise Resource Planning System for Karandaaz Pakistan.

Report to: Chief Digitization Officer.
Location: Islamabad.
Closing Date: 15-October-2020

Response To Queries – RFP # 84 – Group Life Insurance for Karandaaz Staff.

Report to: Director Operations
Location: Islamabad
Closing Date: 24th September 2020.

RFP # 84 – Group Life Insurance for Karandaaz Staff

Report to: Director Operations.
Location: Islamabad
Closing Date: 24th-September-2020
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