State of Play: Insights on the Evolution of Pakistan’s Mobile Money Agent Network

The success of a branchless banking network is entirely dependent on the ability of its agents to deliver high-quality services to the target market, that are in line with providers’ objectives.

How to Accelerate Financial Inclusion in Pakistan – Lessons from the 2016 FII Survey Data

Sep 20, 2017
The SBP NFIS, launched in May 2015, set an ambitious goal of expanding access to financial services from 10 percent of adults to at least 50 percent by the year 2020.

Digitising SMEs in Pakistan

Sep 8, 2017
Our latest blog discusses how digitisation is destined to solving various issues faced by SMEs and some of the constraints which hinder SME digitisation.

How Do Mobile Money Fee Structures Impact the Poor?

As mobile money products continue to expand within emerging markets, effective, pro-poor pricing for transferring small amounts of money will be important to mobile money’s success in bringing new users into the formal financial system.

Analysing the impact of BVS regulations on OTC Money Transfer in Pakistan

Jul 28, 2017
The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), in July 2016, developed regulations on necessitating Biometric Verification for Over the Counter (OTC) money transfers (MT’s) in Pakistan. These regulations, published as part of the updated branchless banking regulations of July 2016, are

Busting the Myths on Pakistan’s 50 Million “Unreachable” Women

Jul 11, 2017
When you ask financial service providers in Pakistan about reaching women customers, you mostly hear about the many challenges. They cite women’s restricted mobility, low levels of literacy, unfamiliarity with technology, and lack of need for financial services. Apart from