Karandaaz Stories

War can never be counted upon to bring beauty in someone’s life, but in a strange way, that is exactly what happened with entrepreneur and founder of Lél, an artistic collective dedicated to preserving, reinterpreting and evolving the ancient art of handcrafted stone inlay.

Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge is supporting one textile design and production business owner to grow her business and reach new heights.

Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge is helping one e-commerce business owner to break into the international market.

A veteran businesswoman is modernizing her flourmill with the help of Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge.

This is how Karandaaz Pakistan enabled Techlogix, a technology-based company in Pakistan to expand in terms of staff, products, and service portfolio.

When Malik Matiullah started Bestway Logistics Services in 1997, he could not have imagined that managing the business’s growth will become a challenge one day.