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Join us in Advancing Inclusive Economic Growth in Pakistan

At Karandaaz Pakistan, we believe our people are our biggest assets. This is why we invest in the best talent and give them every opportunity to be innovative and challenged to take initiatives that can help us achieve our vision of having financially included and economically empowered Pakistanis.

Karandaaz Values

Our culture revolves around a set of guiding values that all our employees live by every single day. Our people get an opportunity to collaborate and innovate with the best talent to come up with solutions and make a difference in our society. In line with our guiding values, Karandaaz also has a detailed code of conduct that governs the terms of employment at Karandaaz. Download Karandaaz Code of Conduct here.



We believe that most of our problems can be solved through out of the box thinking and development of creative solutions.



We believe that we are stronger, more creative and successful because of the strength of our relationships. We believe in the power of working together!



We believe that we are responsible for our own actions and results.



We value the importance of every role in the organization and treat each individual with the same level of respect. All employees deserve an environment where their opinions are treated with respect and dignity.



We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we work towards addressing diverse needs of our stakeholders.

Why do we come to work everyday

because our workplace is:

  • Collaborative
  • Fun-loving
  • Innovative
  • Inclusive

We have a challenging and demanding work environment which helps our people grow. Our people have a voice and are heard, which makes it possible for us to achieve our end goals.

Why should you work for us

We appreciate the devotion and hard work of our employees who help the company achieve its mission. The biggest benefit Karandaaz gives to those aspiring to join the team is the opportunity to try new things and tread the path not travelled by many. Karandaaz interventions are designed for greater financial inclusion and aims to reach the poor, poverty stricken financially excluded population of Pakistan.

We also provide comprehensive financial as well non-financial benefits to our employees. Our benefits are among the finest in the sector we are working in and have been carefully designed to attract and retain the best talent. Take a look at our benefits and decide for yourself!

Non-Financial Benefits

  • A vibrant work environment with a diverse workforce
  • An empowered culture which fosters and rewards positive attitude
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • We give equal employment opportunities & have an inclusive recruitment policy
  • No discrimination in compensation or benefits
  • Flexible hours and work from home policy

Financial Benefits

  • Market competitive salary
  • Provident fund benefit
  • Communication, child care assistance, fuel & vehicle allowance
  • Health & Life Insurance

Career Paths

You can be a part of Karandaaz by following our job/consultancy opportunities. We hire talent in one of the following categories;

  • Employment: We have four position levels i.e. Analyst, Associate, Senior Manager and Director that representing different levels of management
  • Consultancies: We are always looking for talented professionals to join Karandaaz Pakistan as short term or long term consultants
  • Internships: We also provide paid internships to fresh university graduates to equip them with the necessary skills in their specific field

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume at clearly mentioning your area of interest. We will contact you if your qualifications match any of the vacant positions.

Please also visit Open Positions and apply directly.

Once a part of Karandaaz, always a part of Karandaaz

Karandaaz takes a lot of pride in our current and previous workforce which is why we came up with the initiative of having a Karandaaz Alumni Network. The successes and achievements of our people are a matter of pride for us and we are sure that they would feel the same about us. We, at Karandaaz, are thankful to each one of them, for their contributions to the journey that started in 2014. We keep the alumni network posted about the initiatives and milestones of the company and hope to remain in touch and build a strong Network with our Alumni to achieve the mission of Financial Inclusion for all.

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