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Green Investments

UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has committed funds with Karandaaz Pakistan with the objective of promoting financing for sustainable and climate-friendly projects. Karandaaz under the International Climate Finance (ICF) using the green financing framework will be working on such projects including, but not limited to; renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, clean transportation, and waste management.

According to a latest World Bank study, more than 75% of Pakistani firms cite energy provision as a major constraint to growth. Where available, electricity provision is costly and inefficient, lowering the competitiveness of industry and services. Additionally, there is a high need for energy efficiency and conservation in the country. The industrial sector consumes 27% of the total power[1] and thus contains huge investment potential. However, it suffers from high energy losses, waste throughout the value chain, and a lack of investment in replacing obsolete technology and infrastructure.

Pakistan has the 5th largest population[2], a high rate of urbanization, and a rapid economic rate coupled with an expected increase in residential/commercial buildings construction in the near future. Furthermore, Pakistan has been ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change, according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020. At present, there are only about 18 to 20 buildings in Pakistan that are LEED Certified and registered with the US Green Building Council. Most of the construction is carried out with extremely rudimentary consideration for energy efficiency.  This sector has had relatively limited activity and offers a wide range of investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Green Investments will help bridge the financing gap and enable the emergence of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction sector for Pakistan, resulting in more vibrant and autonomous cities, greater competition, and a higher number of jobs.

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