Karandaaz Pakistan Launches Design for Smartphone Mobile Money App for Financial Inclusion with a Focus on Low Literate and Non-Literate Population of Pakistan


Karachi | Jul 14, 2016

Karandaaz Pakistan organized a dissemination event for smartphone user interface and user experience (UI/UX) with the goal of catalyzing financial inclusion in Pakistan. The event showcased a design for mobile money smart phone applications, with a focus on the less literate segment of Pakistan’s market, developed using a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach. With increasing smartphone penetration in Pakistan, reported at 31 percent for 2015, there is great opportunity for HCD based smart phone apps. This innovation is stipulated to revolutionize the Mobile Financial Services (MFS) arena in Pakistan by enhancing application development by the providers, while creating significant ease of adoption and use for the target market.

GRID Impact, a global research, innovation and design firm, was commissioned by Karandaaz Pakistan to develop a user friendly, responsive design of a smartphone application for mobile money with a special emphasis on the less literate through employing a very creative and empathetic HCD methodology with user and provider engagement built systematically into the process. This app design, along with the resultant wireframes, will be made available to providers for incorporation within their specific MFS applications, thereby enabling their customers to enjoy a richer and more user-friendly interface and process flow.

Mehr Shah, Director Knowledge Management and Communications at Karandaaz Pakistan accentuated the opportunity increasing smartphone penetration has brought for all stakeholders to leverage technology and provide enhanced user experience to MFS users in Pakistan. The GRID Impact team, led by Alexandra Fiorillo and Adam Little, highlighted key findings of stakeholder and user interviews and gave a step-by-step visual demonstration of the app design that has been developed as a result of customer insights.

Imdad Aslam, Director Digital Financial Services at Karandaaz Pakistan closed the session, stating

I believe that the HCD based design will allow the MFS industry in Pakistan to substantially augment its services and expand them to low literate financially excluded people, especially women.

The wireframes and design toolkit will be made available for free download on the Karandaaz Pakistan website at the end of July.


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