Raast, the groundbreaking Instant Payment System for Pakistan, embarks on a transformative journey aimed at revolutionizing merchant payments through the utilization of unique Raast IDs, IBAN, Static/Dynamic QR codes and USSD. The Merchant Onboarding Entity (MOE), an instrumental component of this initiative, will transcend the conventional boundaries of merchant enlistment and encompass an array of multifaceted roles and responsibilities. It will be tasked with managing the seamless onboarding of retail outlet merchants, gearing them up for P2M transactions, and providing essential support to ensure a frictionless transition into this innovative payment ecosystem.
Karandaaz Pakistan is on the lookout for partners who can help make this happen, so we invite all those who are interested and meet the eligibility criteria to participate in this Call for Proposals.

The proposal template can be downloaded below:


Must view Terms of Reference before applying and complete proposals can be emailed at raast.moe@karandaaz.com.pk before the deadline i.e., 27th November 2023

Duration of Contract

2 Years

Who can apply

Any entity which has been registered for a minimum of two years, with demonstrated experience in the physical onboarding of merchants in the financial or payment-related industry exclusively is welcome to apply. Given the nature of the project, consortiums are also encouraged.

Key dates

26th October 2023
Call for applications
31st October 2023
Proposal Development Workshop
Watch it here
3rd November 2023
Deadline for submission of queries
Download answers to your queries here
27th November 2023
Proposal Submission deadline

For any questions, write to us at raast.moe@karandaaz.com.pk

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