Karandaaz Digital

Realizing the Potential of Digital Financial Services

National Payment Infrastructure (NPI)

Karandaaz Digital is working with the State Bank of Pakistan, National Savings, National Bank of Pakistan and others to digitize government payments and introduce platforms which shall enable the unbanked populations to digitally transfer small amounts bringing them into the ambit of the formal economy.


Grant: USD 16 Million
Karandaaz Digital is supporting the creation of a micropayment gateway with the State Bank of Pakistan. This gateway will enable low-cost digital transactions between mobile wallets of various financial service providers, allowing interoperability. The micropayment gateway shall not only promote financial deepening of the already financially included, but also bring the unbanked and excluded into the formal fold. Deployment of this nationwide micropayment gateway will be developed on the level one principles, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Grant: USD 1.2 Million
National Bank of Pakistan collects and disburses around PKR 8 trillion per annum under its G2P and P2G portfolio. Due to the manual input and cash handling mechanisms, NBP incurs considerably large costs for these transactions which has implications for the national exchequer.
Karandaaz supported NBP to develop a comprehensive digital strategy to digitize these payment flows during the first phase of the project. In the second phase, Karandaaz assisted NBP to develop a platform based on an open API approach to host government transactions by giving open access to all the digital channels of NBP partner banks and telecom companies. As a result, a major chunk of G2P/P2G schemes have been integrated on the live platform. Its uptake in the coming years is expected to enhance efficiency for the convenience of the public in general, and NBP customers in particular and accelerate the adoption and usage of mobile wallets by citizens.

Grant: USD 2.58 Million
The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) is an attached department of the Finance Division, with a vision to “promote and inculcate the value of thrift for mobilization of savings” and a mission to “be the preferred Institution for small savers to facilitate the objective of financial inclusion”. Karandaaz has been engaged with CDNS to provide technical support to enable wider access to savings accounts through building alternate delivery channels focused on excluded populations, especially women and the unbanked. A project management office has been established at CDNS to support this digitization effort.


Grant: USD 200,000
The Agricultural Department of the Government of Punjab plans to disburse PKR 70 billion in agriculture loans to 500,000 farmers over a period of five years by using digital mediums. This will allow the farming community to receive interest free loans via mobile wallets, ensuring end user convenience. Karandaaz provided technical assistance to the Agricultural Department to identify and ascertain the best technical partner to implement the project. With Karandaaz assistance, improvements to the service design have been implemented and the development of mobile apps designed especially for the farmers is in the final stages of completion. Karandaaz has extended its support to develop a strategy to institutionalize the Farmers’ Program within the Agricultural Department and is providing operational support to the Department in the interim.

Grant: USD 90,000
Karandaaz provided technical assistance to Pakistan Post for digitizing its money order service. This will help Pakistan Post in building new business opportunities, improving service penetration and providing efficient, transparent and convenient services to its customers.