About this Programme

Karandaaz Pakistan is pleased to announce its request for proposals to solve the prevailing problem of the use of cash in the downstream e-commerce value chain. This intervention in the e-commerce value chain is particularly focused on converting COD (cash on delivery) to digital payments during the delivery process. We aim to support entities that are integrated in the e-commerce value chain and are well-positioned to bring a significant impact in terms of reducing cash-based payments by improving and optimizing the customer payment journey.

View Terms of Reference to Apply

Please view the Terms of Reference (TOR) carefully and email your complete proposals at programofficedfs@karandaaz.com.pk.

Deadline for proposal submission is 26th December 2023.

Program Objectives

Replacing Cash on Delivery (COD) with digital modes of payment

Optimize digital infrastructure & payment processes in the e-commerce value- chain

Delivering a customer-centric experience for the adoption of digital payments

Create long-term behavioral shifts towards the use of digital payment tools (QR codes, digital wallets, cards, payment links, bank accounts etc)

Who Can Apply?

Karandaaz is interested in working with entities that are integrated in the e-commerce value chain and may operate as payment solution providers, system integrators, logistic partners or e-commerce platforms to bring a significant impact in reducing downstream cash-based payments. The following types of entities can apply:

  1. E-commerce value chain integrators and marketplaces – currently utilizing, or planning to implement digital infrastructure/solutions with the aim to substitute COD with digital payments.
  2. Logistics service providers – seeking to replace COD with full/partial digital payments in order to enhance customer experience and reduce cash handling/leakage costs
Note: The project must showcase reduced COD as an impact before the closure of the project. The Grant can be used for creating an infrastructure, incentivizing consumers for a behavioral change, building a digital process for payments, experimenting devices/methods of payments at the last mile and/or human centric UI/UX of the digital payment utility etc.

View answers to submitted queries here

Key dates

1st Dec 2023
Call for Application Open
11th Dec 2023
Last Date to Submit Queries
12th Dec 2023
Q&A and Proposal Development Workshop
26th Dec 2023
Last Date to Submit the Proposals

Proposal Development Workshop


The shortlisting criteria are based on Business Model Viability & Innovativeness, Inclusivity, Scale Potential & Impact and Team Capability of the founding/executive team. You may read about it in the Terms of Reference (TOR).

An Evaluation Committee of Karandaaz will evaluate and score the proposals. If need be, the shortlisted applicants may be required to present their solution to the Evaluation Committee

The grant amount will depend on the project design, scope & impact and will be decided after evaluating all three tangents. Successful project(s) may be allocated a grant amount starting from PKR 15 Million. Karandaaz team will rationalize the proposed cost(s) and then will finalize the Grant amount

Up to three projects may be selected for funding depending on the project’s scope and impact.

After your proposal is complete, you can email it at programofficedfs@karandaaz.com.pk with the subject line “Proposal Submission – Digitizing COD (cash on delivery) payments in e-commerce” before the stated deadline.

For the scope of this call for application, Karandaaz will not take any equity in the selected entity(ies).

All submitted queries have been answered and can be viewed here. The Proposal Development Webinar can also be viewed here for further clarity on the programme. Incase of any additional queries, please email to programofficedfs@karandaaz.com.pk

Submit your proposals at programofficedfs@karandaaz.com.pk

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