Hiring of Agriculture Industry Expert- Fruits & Vegetable Storage

Report to: Head of CIC
Location: Islamabad

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Please find below the relevant TORs for the required consultant.

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Karandaaz Pakistan is looking to engage a short term consultant from the agriculture sector to ensure successful commencement of operations and implementation of the Project.


Scope of Work/Term of Reference:



On a periodic basis, as determined by Karandaaz, the consultant will:

  • Provide a review of the current market in Pakistan with key focus on the practices of controlled atmospheric warehousing, processing and trading business;
  • Identify industry growth drivers, demand demographics, costs of buying and selling prices, and provide recommendations for business strategy of the Company;
  • Provide Market analysis with respect to availability, pricing of input and output, demand etc.;
  • Assess and provide a view on the regulatory environment, including upcoming regulatory changes, and any existing challenges to this market.



On a periodic basis, as determined by Karandaaz, the consultant will:

  • Review of proposed Technology used in CA warehouse and processing of output and acceptance at market;
  • Review CA warehouse processing capability;
  • Review temperature optimization and data logging facility;
  • Review and advise the product mix strategy of the Company;
  • Review and advise the product procurement strategy of the Company;
  • Review the sales and marketing strategy of the Company;
  • Review revenue and costs, including operating costs and capital expenditure, fruit and vegetable mix and provide view on margins;
  • Analyze periodic revenues, identify key drivers and provide a view on future growth with reference to the Company’s business plan;
  • Assess rationale for assumptions used in the Business Plan;
  • Assist in procuring plant equipment and other capex requirements of the Company.



On a periodic basis, as determined by Karandaaz, the consultant will:

  • Review the quality of operations including but not limited to safety precautions, wastage governance and regulatory requirements;
  • Provide view on feasibility of maintaining quality standards with expansion, especially in the case of exports;
  • Provide guidance to the Company in incorporating necessary quality measures.



On a periodic basis, as determined by Karandaaz, the consultant will:

  • Meet and assess strengths and weaknesses of senior and middle management with respect to project commencement;
  • Assist in filling key positions of the Company;
  • Identify any gaps or inefficiencies in the team and suggest areas of improvement;

Approach and Timetable:


  • The Company will provided all key documents requested by the Commercial Consultant;
  • Management meeting with key and relevant members of the management team on periodic basis;
  • The Engagement is expected to begin in February 2019 for a six-month renewable contract. Commercial consultant will be required to provide monthly reviews to Karandaaz on the business and operational activities of the Company;
  • The commercial consultant may also be required to attend Board Meetings of the Company on the invitation of Karandaaz;
  • Karandaaz may require the consultant to act as an independent board member upon request and subject to SECP requirements;
  • Karandaaz may terminate the Engagement at any time at its sole discretion, with the obligation to pay only the pro rata fees for actual time and costs incurred at the point of termination.



Vendor Requirements (including explanations)

  • Proposed Evaluation Criteria
    • Minimum of 10 years of experience in Agriculture, particularly storage and trading of fruits/vegetables (60%)
    • Work methodology (20%)
    • Education / relevant qualifications (20%)



All interested candidates must provide us with their CVs by COB 25th January 2019.

Please share your CVs at Procurement@karandaaz,com.pk with the subject line ” Hiring of Agriculture Industry Expert- Fruits & Vegetable Storage.”


The Procurement Department

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