Farhana, Rawalpindi

March 12, 2018
  • Took multiple loans to improve her beauty salon
  • Has been contributing with her husband to support a family of six for the last 14 years
  • Has trained several women and helped them start small businesses of their own

“When I took the first micro loan of PKR. 30,000, I used the money to have this cupboard and mirror installed. Then I took a second loan of PKR. 50,000, and made more improvements to my salon. Now I am planning to take a third loan of PKR. 70,000 to install a new makeup counter, and buy chairs, hair straighteners, and rollers.

I earn around PKR. 1,000-1,500 every day. Muslims and Christians live together in this community and we celebrate four Eids (religious festivals) in a year. In those months, I easily earn around PKR. 60,000-70,000.

I have worked really hard and in past 14 years, I have never slackened in my work. Some people get bored and fed up with their work, but not me. I work from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. I am also training other girls. It is better to start your own business than to work for others.

Starting your own business has many benefits. Whether you are earning less or more depends on how hard you work. Working for someone else is more difficult. A skilled person will never lose in life.”

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