Kausar Parveen, District Chakwal

District Chakwal
February 16, 2018

Kausar Parveen says:
Initially we bought a buffalo for our household milk consumption. When we found out about microcredit scheme, I took a loan of PKR. 75,000 and bought another buffalo. We did not have water in our house and had to bring it from outside to wash clothes, utensils, for our animals and other needs. So with our savings earned by selling milk we got a well dug in our house. That saved us time and effort and proved to be very useful. We recently have hired a person for extra work as it was getting difficult for me to manage on my own.

Now I have four buffaloes. I sell milk from home and also send some to the nearby city. Recently I found out that another scheme was offering loans to install bio-gas plants. I have successfully managed the micro-credit so I got one installed. Now we are saving the cost of fuel wood and we don’t have to deal with the problem of smoke. My children go to school on time as breakfast gets ready quicker. Our house clothes and utensils are clean now. Children are very happy. After finishing house work and tending to the buffaloes, I have time to sew clothes. Then it is time for children to return from school. I cook food for them, help them change their clothes, and feed them. Earlier our income was around PKR. 10,000-15,000 and we would get by with difficulty. My children were studying and my in laws were also dependent on us. It was very difficult. Since I have started my business of selling milk, we are doing very well.

  • Took microcredit to start a business of selling milk from home
  • Has been making repayments of her loan successfully from her earning
  • Has employed a person to help with tending to the livestock
  • Took an additional loan to install biogas plant at home
  • Now has time to sew clothes and supplement her family income
  • Increased her household income by 4 times

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