Director Knowledge Management and Communications

Report to: CEO, Karandaaz Pakistan
Location: Islamabad
Application deadline for the position is November 15, 2015


  • Develop and manage Knowledge Management and Communications, including supervising and managing a small team
  • Design, develop and implement both long-term strategy and implementation systems for Knowledge Management and Communications
  • Collaborate with other team leaders across lines of business
  • Actively promote the Knowledge Management and Communications agenda within and outside the company
  • Develop and sustain productive relationships with businesses, policy makers, donors, partners, and other organizations
  • Develop an overall framework that guides the company’s knowledge management work
  • Guide the development of the company’s internal and external knowledge goals (taking into account funder requirements), track progress against these goals and related timelines, and work with staff to regularly produce reports on the company’s activities and initiatives.
  • Work with staff across the company to develop knowledge infrastructure and implement systems and standards that enable fast, easy access to existing material, archived content, planning documents, etc., and to develop meeting spaces and agendas that allow for regular sharing of information and strategizing.
  • Ensure that collective knowledge capital is leveraged to support the company’s operations across all line of business.
  • Manage and direct the company’s internal and external communications, and guide the creation of the company’s communication strategy in line with its knowledge goals.
  • Report directly to the CEO


  • 10–15 years of management and leadership experience
  • Proven track record of conducting relevant research and analysis as well as producing useful outputs for the business community and policy makers.
  • Knowledgeable and creative about how to use knowledge to influence change.
  • Experienced in the area of strategic communications and able to work at the cutting edge of this field.
  • In keeping with the nature of the company we are looking for people who are entrepreneurial, energetic, creative, big picture strategic thinkers, and able to get things done.
  • Ability and interest to give room to others to take responsibility, take risks, and be creative
  • Ability to influence and inspire other senior managers in the company
  • Excellent national and international networking skills
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Strong command of oral and written English, and strong working knowledge of Urdu
  • Master’s Degree in any social science or business field, or comparable academic qualification


Interested candidates must submit their application by November 16, 2015 at
Karandaaz Pakistan is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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