Evaluating the Impact of Inclusion: The Macroeconomic Picture

Dec 29, 2015
Recently we wrote about the transformative effects of financial inclusion at the microeconomic level. We concluded that the use of each financial inclusion instrument leads to varying positive outcomes.

Drawing Inspiration from DFS Innovations:Part I

Dec 21, 2015
The launch of M-Pesa in 2008 and its subsequent exponential growth heralded a new era of digital financial inclusion: one which promises to bring the unbanked and underbanked into the formal financial sector. A definition of digital financial inclusion is digital access to and use of formal financial services by excluded and underserved populations.

The Promise of Mobile Money in Pakistan

Dec 17, 2015
The penetration of traditional financial service delivery channels in Pakistan is low in comparison to the global average. There are approximately 6 ATMs and 9 commercial bank branches per 100,000 adults in the country versus the global average of approximately 34 ATMs and 12 commercial bank branches per 100,000 adults (World Bank, 2013).

Evaluating the Impact of Inclusion: The Microeconomic Picture

Dec 15, 2015
Included in the targets of 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were finalized in 2015, financial inclusion is seen as both a key solution to some of the most pressing development problems that our world faces today, and a core development goal in its own right.

Interpreting the Financial Inclusion Numbers in Pakistan

Dec 10, 2015
Financial inclusion in Pakistan has improved slowly but steadily since 2008 according to most sources. This observation is based upon one topline indicator - percentage of the adult population that is financially included - which is calculated by three different institutions in Pakistan.

Addressing the Limits of Informal Financing

Dec 7, 2015
In 2014 2 billion people in the world didn’t have an account at a financial institution. While this number represents a 20% decrease in the unbanked population since 2011, globally a significant number of individuals still remain outside the formal financial sector.


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