The Importance of Efficient Payment Mechanisms for Social Safety Nets – The Beneficiary Perspective

Apr 12, 2018
The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), launched in 2008, with an annual budget of $1.15 Billion, is the largest and most systematic social protection initiative ever implemented in Pakistan.

RegTech and Digital Finance Supervision: A Leap into the Future

Feb 28, 2018
This Brief aims to provide national and global policy makers with a clear picture of the rapid development of digital financial services for the poor and the need for their attention and informed understanding.

The State of Housing Finance in Pakistan

Jan 31, 2018
Housing is a fundamental need whose provision can ensure a minimum standard of welfare for a family unit. Indeed, it has been recognized as such through the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and its reaffirmation at the 1996 UN Habitat Conference through the “Adequate Shelter for All” slogan.

The Viability of Warehouse Receipt Financing in Pakistan

Jan 23, 2018
The WHR financing mechanism, supported by a developed ecosystem and strong linkages between farmers, financial institutions, warehousing and subsidiary service providers, may therefore prove vital for improving efficiency, transparency of the distribution of agricultural commodities, and benefit to all stakeholders.

The Unrealised Potential of Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

Dec 19, 2017
This blog provides an overview of the progress, or lack thereof, that mobile money providers in Pakistan are making towards driving mobile wallet ownership and usage to improve financial inclusion in the country.

The Legacy of Toxic SME Assets in Pakistan

Nov 29, 2017
Much has been said on how critical small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are for the social and economic uplift of developing economies.


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