NBFCs in Pakistan – Regulatory Landscape and Bottlenecks

Year : 2022 | Category : Regulations & Financial Products
Non-bank finance companies (NBFCs) in Pakistan are small and inconsequential in the lending space.Globally, NBFCs and other financial intermediaries have played a crucial role in creating credit and are considered to be a vital cog in the shadow banking system. In the domestic context, however, despite significant developments in the regulatory framework, growth in credit by NBFCs, particularly in the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment, has struggled to take off. With the government’s stated policy direction toward the financial inclusion of underserved segments such as SMEs, NBFCs could be taking on a larger participating role, given their specialised licenses, relaxed credit and risk policies, and the opportunity to experiment and innovate in light of less stringent regulatory oversight.

Case Study: Clayworks

Year : 2021 | Category : Karandaaz Innovation Challenge Fund
Report Summary: As her first entrepreneurial venture, Mahbina Waheed founded Clayworks, a ceramics design and manufacturing company. She entered the market with limited industry knowledge, however, learned through adopting a hands-on approach to running her business. In 2018, as a winner of the Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge (WEC), Clayworks received growth capital from Karandaaz. The investment helped Clayworks augment its production capacity and expand into bigger markets. Clayworks has made its mark as Pakistan’s leading ceramics designer and manufacturer, with a presence in both local and international markets.

Federal Budget FY 2021–22

Year : 2021 | Category : Digital Financial Inculsion
The government presented its third federal budget (FY 2021-22) in Parliament on the 12th of June, 2021. The budget built on the better-than-expected snapshot of the economy presented in the Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21, which projects a growth rate of 3.94% for FY 2021-22.

Fintech Ecosystem of Pakistan

Year : 2021 | Category : Karandaaz FinTech Disrupt Challenge
Karandaaz Pakistan, in partnership with Oxford Policy Management (Pvt.) Ltd (Pakistan office) has undertaken a landscape analysis of the Fintech Ecosystem of Pakistan.

Karandaaz Gender Assessment Toolkit

Year : 2021 | Category :
Organizations can no longer afford to be blind to the contribution of women in their business models, whether as employees or as consumers.

Equity Crowdfunding: A Funding Alternative for Pakistani Start-ups and MSMEs

Year : 2021 | Category :
The term ‘crowdfunding’ corresponds to the idea of soliciting small amounts of funding from an expanded pool of eligible investors, often including the general public. This funding methodology involves greater use of technology — the project/idea that needs to be funded is publicised over a digital platform, tapping a wide and diverse range of qualifying internet users to gain financial support.

Legal Framework for Startups in Pakistan

Year : 2020 | Category : Startup Ecosystem
Startups play a very important role in the modern economy and are vital to its social and economic progress. As of 2019, their contribution to the global GDP is estimated at approximately $3 trillion. In addition to the creation of wealth and impact on GDP, startups also have a positive impact on employment.

DFS Insights Accelerator

Year : 2020 | Category : Branchless banking
The gender gap remains an enormous barrier to women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment; 20% of men are financially included compared to only 7% of women.

Digital Potential in Pakistan

Year : 2020 | Category : Digitisation of Payments
Global growth is increasingly derived from technological advancement. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is one of the keys avenues for entrepreneurial ventures and job creation in both developed and developing economies.

Digitisation of Utility Bill Payments in Pakistan

Year : 2020 | Category :
With 208 million individuals spread across 32 million households, Pakistan is the world’s fifth-largest country in terms of population. Given its size, the utility bill payment space is substantial and capturing these payments within the digital ecosystem comprises a viable use-case.
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