Private Healthcare in Pakistan-Volume 1

Year : 2023 | Category :
This document is the second of a two-part report that comprehensively examines Pakistan's private healthcare sector. Here, it draws on one of Pakistan’s largest studies of its kind, which profiled 289 private hospitals; surveyed 1,143 consumers of health services; and conducted 58 structured and semi-structured qualitative interviews with industry stakeholders across 16 metropolitan cities across Pakistan. Whereas the first part of the report describes key findings, focusing on identifying key challenges and deficiencies, as well as areas of opportunity for sector growth, the present document presents a set of solutions, recommendations, and ways forward for addressing the problems and gaps identified in the sister document.

The State of Business Taxation in Pakistan

Year : 2023 | Category :
As in many of the world’s emerging economies, SMEs in Pakistan dominate in terms of their share in total business establishments—currently estimated to be over 90%—and make significant contributions to employment, exports, and growth.

Karandaaz Financial Inclusion Survey

Year : 2023 | Category : Financing
The Karandaaz Financial Inclusion Survey (K-FIS) responds to the need identified by multiple stakeholders for timely demand-side data and practical insights into the state of financial inclusion in Pakistan, including traditional banking, mobile money, and the potential for their expanded use among the poor.

Financial Inclusion in the Agricultural Sector

Year : 2023 | Category : Financing
The Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) surveys provide nationally representative demand-side data, trends, and practical insights into the usage of financial services in Pakistan and eight other countries.

Central Directorate of National Saving

Year : 2022 | Category :
The Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) survey provides national and sub-national demand-side data, trends, and practical insights into the uptake and use of financial services in Pakistan and eight other countries across Asia and Africa. Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Climate-smart Low-income Housing in Pakistan

Year : 2022 | Category :
The restricted housing supply in Pakistan has been compounded by rapid urbanisation in recent decades, leading to a current nationwide shortage of 12 million homes.

Impact Analysis of 2022 Floods in Pakistan

Year : 2022 | Category :
Pakistan is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis caused by massive flooding in one-third of its territory. Over 33 million people have been displaced, one-seventh have lost their homes and the mortality count is over 1,300.

Green Financing, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency in Pakistan

Year : 2022 | Category : Financing
This research study is an exhaustive scoping of the green financing, renewable energy (RE), and energy efficiency (EE) segments in Pakistan to identify possible areas of opportunity to invest or intervene in the green financing and RE generation segments and potential opportunities to promote EE in Pakistan.

NBFCs in Pakistan – Regulatory Landscape and Bottlenecks

Year : 2022 | Category : Regulations & Financial Products
Non-bank finance companies (NBFCs) in Pakistan are small and inconsequential in the lending space.Globally, NBFCs and other financial intermediaries have played a crucial role in creating credit and are considered to be a vital cog in the shadow banking system. In the domestic context, however, despite significant developments in the regulatory framework, growth in credit by NBFCs, particularly in the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment, has struggled to take off. With the government’s stated policy direction toward the financial inclusion of underserved segments such as SMEs, NBFCs could be taking on a larger participating role, given their specialised licenses, relaxed credit and risk policies, and the opportunity to experiment and innovate in light of less stringent regulatory oversight.

Case Study: Clayworks

Year : 2021 | Category : Karandaaz Innovation Challenge Fund
Report Summary: As her first entrepreneurial venture, Mahbina Waheed founded Clayworks, a ceramics design and manufacturing company. She entered the market with limited industry knowledge, however, learned through adopting a hands-on approach to running her business. In 2018, as a winner of the Karandaaz Women Entrepreneurship Challenge (WEC), Clayworks received growth capital from Karandaaz. The investment helped Clayworks augment its production capacity and expand into bigger markets. Clayworks has made its mark as Pakistan’s leading ceramics designer and manufacturer, with a presence in both local and international markets.
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