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How Social Norms Affect Women’s Financial Inclusion

Mar 31, 2017
Social norms influence nearly every aspect of daily life, including how we interact with financial services. Restrictive social norms are part of the reason why 42 percent of women and girls worldwide, approximately 1.1 billion, do not participate in the formal financial system.

Mobile Wallets: A way to bring transparency to ROSCAs?

Jun 22, 2016
Rotatory Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) are a popular mode of saving in Pakistan. In local parlance, they are called “committees” and are particularly popular among women.

Using HCD to Develop User Friendly Apps and Interfaces

Jun 2, 2016
Karandaaz Pakistan commissioned GRID Impact, a global research, innovation and design firm, to develop concept designs for a smart phone application for mobile money. With 8.7% of adult Pakistanis reportedly having an account at a financial institution.

The State Bank's New Regulations for Prepaid Cards

May 12, 2016
Karandaaz Pakistan published a blog post on the use of prepaid cards in Pakistan. Among the needs discussed was a clear framework for the KYC requirements governing Pakistan’s prepaid market. That regulation arrived earlier this week.

What is Human-Centered Design?

May 4, 2016
Human-centered design (HCD) is a methodology that has existed for a while but began to resemble its current form in the early 1990s. More recently, the development sector has begun to adopt it in various sectors including the field of financial inclusion.

Prepaid Cards and The Unbanked

Apr 27, 2016
Borrow a relative’s credit card. Have a friend pay. For those excluded from the formal financial system, paying online is more often a matter of finding the right proxy than finding the right tool. Innovations such as mobile wallets continue to expand access to electronic payments.

Deploying Basic Banking Accounts: Lessons from India and South Africa

Apr 19, 2016
No-frills - or basic bank accounts - are another tool in the arsenal of central banks and financial service providers that are interested in promoting universal financial inclusion. They traditionally have two defining characteristics.

Experimenting with a Mobile Wallet on a Low-Cost Smartphone

Mar 21, 2016
There has been a steady rise in the promotion of mobile wallets as a viable alternative to conventional banking services.This innovative channel, MNOs seek to streamline the banking process and increase financial outreach to the wider population.

Unlocking the Potential of Two-Way Messaging

Feb 18, 2016
Two-way digital conversations can be used to migrate mobile money customers from OTC to mobile wallets and keep them active once migrated. In two-way conversations, customers can both initiate the conversation or be led in conversation. Juntos Global builds these two-way conversations with customers on behalf of financial service providers.

Effectively Communicating with the Unbanked

Feb 3, 2016
The process of graduating from an unaware potential customer to a fully aware and regular user of mobile wallets is not necessarily a simple and linear one. It is important that targeted, customer segment specific, communication takes place at every stage of awareness to help individuals.

Mobile Wallet Registration: One Customer's Experience

Jan 12, 2016
In order to achieve the 50% financial inclusion goal that has been set by the State Bank of Pakistan, Karandaaz Pakistan believes that leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones to increase mobile wallet uptake is critical. There are 124 million registered mobile SIMS in Pakistan.
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